Quickeeze Arc-Tested Sleeve Straps

QUICKEEZE - Sleeve Straps
New for Fall 2019 - Arc Tested

Strap in and hold on with QUICKEEZE Arc-Tested adjustable sleeve straps and Hi-Line Utility Supply!

New for Fall 2019 - QUICKEEZE adjustable sleeve straps are now fully Arc-Tested to ASTM F2621-19 standards: 
Up to 40 cal/cm² with no melt, no drip!


QUICKEEZE are self-extinguishing, comprised of all

FR-Rated materials and sold as a set. 

The flexible and rugged design is easily adjustable to fit your needs and keeps you strapped in all day long.

Made in the USA with single piece construction which means no more lost buttons!

Designed with unique oval buttons for quick and easy attachment to sleeves. QUICKEEZE straps are field tested for durability and longevity.

Lineman Made – Perfected by the ones that do it best!

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