BURNDY Crimping Tool Promo

Receive two FREE dies with your BURNDY® PATRIOT® PAT750T3 purchase!

A $175 Value! 

Track, Trace & Transmit Crimping Tools

The new BURNDY PATRIOT PAT750T3 Series has all the exceptional features of its PATRIOT predecessor, plus a new ergonomic design and state of the art technology. The TRACK TRACE TRANSMIT intelligence feature provides critical crimping information for all projects. Data collected by the PAT750T3 provides users a new level of confidence that their BURNDY crimper is performing to specification and enhances the application of the BURNDY® Engineered System.

Select Two Free U Dies:

  • BYU165
  • BYU28ART
  • BYU317
  • BYU31ART
  • BYU34ART
  • BYU34RT
  • BYU39ART-2
  • BYU997
  • BYUC
  • BYUN
  • BYUO

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Promotion good through August 31st!