Lift-All Recall Advisory on Nylon Slings

Lift-All has issued the below recall in regards to EN1-801 nylon slings shipped between 5/29/17-8/31/17.

The slings involved in this recall are as follows:




Product Description:                         1” Endless Style, Nylon, Webbing Sling

Product Code Number:         EN1-801

Length:                                   Unspecified

Serial Number:                      


Description of the Non-conformity

The Sling tags have the incorrect Choker Hitch capacity of 5,000 Lbs., rather than the correct capacity value of 2,500 Lbs.  


Proper Rated Capacity:                      3,200 Lbs. – Vertical Hitch

                                                          2,500 Lbs. – Choker Hitch

                                                          6,400 Lbs. – Basket Hitch


Actual (Incorrect) Rated Capacity:    3,200 Lbs. – Vertical Hitch

                                                          5,000 Lbs. – Choker Hitch

                                                          6,400 Lbs. – Basket Hitch

Quantity of Items Affected

  • Slings were discovered to contain the improper capacity information.
  • A total of ___ slings may be affected.



Any use of this style sling at the improper capacity may result in severe personal injury or death.


Only slings meeting all of the above description are possibly affected.


Please note: If slings meeting this description are found, but are properly tagged, then they have been properly manufactured and should be kept in service.


Action Requested

  • We ask that you please check inventory of EN1-801 slings. 
  • If you discover that any slings contain the noted improper capacity, then immediately remove the slings from service and call the following contact to arrange for their return and to obtain replacements.


Lift-All Contact:

_ _ _

Customer Service Representative

Lift-All Co.

Tel. (800) 277-3702 x XXX

Fax. (717) 898-4917